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The Millie Was Here TM Series

Get ready for an action-packed, interactive reading experience starring Millie, the adorable but mischievous mutt who turns everyday life into an outrageous adventure. Kids will have a ball as they steer the action, reveal surprises, play games, and collect stickers along the way in this hilarious book app series.

And it’s good for you, too! Millie Was Here encourages a love of reading and helps kids develop cognitive, creative, language, and motor skills. Your kids will think it’s a game, but you know it’s a book!

Book 1: Meet Millie

Price: FREE!

Free Bonus App! In this introduction to our furry little hero, you’ll learn about her mysterious origin, see some of her magical powers in action, and get to know Millie, a real life dog with a nose for real adventure! Meet Millie is launching exclusively as an iPad app, but don’t worry, we have plans to release it soon for iPhone, too! This eight- page bonus app is a fully interactive, free app for kids.


Book 2: Millie & The Lost Key

Price: $1.99

In the first full length adventure of this brand new series, Millie travels to a far away land in search of a powerful treasure: “The Key to Endless Bacon.” A simple walk in New York’s Central Park quickly becomes a walk on the wild side, as you help Millie explore a “dense jungle” filled with delightful surprises. From wise old unicorns to pirates and piranhas, her journey is filled with wacky twists and crazy turns. This book is launching exclusively as an iPad app, but don’t worry, we have plans to release it soon for iPhone, too!

Millie’s Book of Tricks and Treats

Price: .99¢

Trick or treaters are in for a fur-raising surprise when they knock on the doors in Millie’s neighborhood–After all, “tricks” and “treats” have a very different meaning for mystical mutts like Millie. You’ll howl with laughter as you reveal Millie’s spellbinding powers, and her insatiable appetite for her favorite food–bacon. Because this bewitching book is ever-changing, Millie offers up tricks and treats to Halloween callers all season long.




  • Interactivity on every page, including digital pop-ups, mini games, and more
  • Packed with exciting video clips and animation
  • Virtual stickers hidden on every page, and a sticker book for your collection
  • Innovative “Bedtime Mode” creates a calmer experience for nighttime reading
  • Read-along text
  • Two reading modes allow users to choose between having the book read to them, or reading it themselves.
  • Original music and fun sound effects
  • Professional dramatic narration
  • Rich, original artwork and photography
  • A cute dog on every page  ; )