Q: When will the Millie Was Here books be available?
Our first book, Meet Millie will be available in the app store in mid May, 2011. Please join our mailing list to be alerted when we are launching.
Q: What does your first book, Meet Millie, cost?
A: Our first book is absolutely free. Anyone can download it in Apple’s iTunes store.
Q: What breed is Millie?
A: Millie is a three year old Havanese doggie, but she’s pretty sure she’s a human.
Q: Are interactive books good for kids?
A: Yes! Reading is great for kids–in any form. In fact, studies show that interactive books even encourage kids who are normally reluctant to read to do so.
Q: Does MegaPops offer any contests, sweeps, or drawings I can enter?
A: From time to time, Megapops will offer competitions on our official website, Twitter accounts or Facebook pages. Our current sweepstakes and contests are featured on our home page. Please enter! And stay tuned for information about future events!
Q: How do I get in touch with MegaPop’s customer service team?
A: To ask us any questions, please send Customer Service an email here. If you have any positive or negative feedback about any of the Millie Was Here books, please give us feedback here.
Q: Where can I find out more about MegaPops?
A: You can learn all about MegaPops on our corporate website, here.
Q: How do I subscribe to the Millie Was Here Newsletter?
A: Easy, just click here to subscribe to Millie’s Newsletter and get special offers and all the latest info.
Q: When will you reply to my Email?
A: We will respond to all Emails within 3 business days or less.
Q: When will you translate the Millie series into other languages?
A: We are currently working on translating our books into other languages. We will announce the release of newly translated books on milliewashere.com in the near future!
Q: Do you have plans to release the Millie books onto other platforms?
A: Currently, the Millie Was Here series is available exclusively for iPad, but we are working hard to get it ready for the iPhone just as soon as we can. We will announce the release of the iPhone version on milliewashere.com, on the Millie Was Here Facebook page, and on our newsletter.